Arriving and staying on Mtala offers you a variety of possibilities: Even though the island is relatively small, staying in the right town or part of the island is important:

One place was once a quiet fishing village that has been transformed into a hub of activity filled with restaurants of all types. It is within walking distance to all the nightlife, it is a high-density tourist area, which offers the largest selection of dining and entertainment on the island. This is a favourite location for stays in both winter and summer months. Most of the 5 star hotels are also located here.

Another city
is the heart of shopping in Malta. It is a mixture of residential and commercial properties. There is a great walking promenade that runs for several kilometres. It is central to most places and is easy to get to with public transport. There is movement in both winter and summer months.

Built at the time of the Knights, the Capital City has plenty of historical value, and is a World Heritage City. It is famous for it’s St John’s Co-Cathedral where the Knights of Malta were buried. The City is not as busy at night. In fact, not many hotels are located in Valletta as it’s mainly busy due to offices and shops before 7pm. Most of the museums are found here and it is full of cafes.

Then there is the sea resort city. Most of the large & low price hotels are situated here. It is very busy and full of tourists in summer…, and very detached and slow in winter.

So, as you can see, really, there are a lot of places for a nice accommodation.
As long as you have a visa.

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