c69e2-gasseAntonio is working for a hotel in the touristic part of the island. He is responsible for the pool and the chairs for sunbathing. He is observing the people lying on their back, he is observing the people lying on their bellies, reading various newspapers and books, he is observing the children play with the stones and the water. He knows that nobody will ever drown in the pool because it is very shallow, that is why he can concentrate on thinking about girls.

He lives in a small village in the center of the island. Each day, when he comes back from work, he stands on his little balcony which communicates with a little alley. He observes the woman who is hanging her laundry on the roof terrace of the next house. She is an elderly woman of rather big proportions. He sees in her one of the little girls who was playing at the pool. Smoking his cigarette, he tries to make eye-contact with her. She looks at the birds and the sky, but only in relation to if they would endanger her laundry. Antonio has never spoken to the woman with the laundry and she does not even know that he exists. Not a lot of tourists pass his little alley.

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