An evening in Valetta


It might seem true that not much is happening in the capital city after sunset. But at the same time, a lot of things are happening. The sound of the birds reveals that hundreds, if not thousands of little creatures are looking for a place to sleep. The women are standing on the balconies, chatting across alleys or courtyards. Woman 1 talks to Woman 2 who is talking to Woman 3 at the same time. The men sit in bars and look at the people passing by or at themselves. Ships are anchoring in the Big Harbor, settling their technological intestines for the night. Some cars are speeding around the ring street encircling the city, some are equipped with hormone-blind adolescents, others with half-blind elderly men, others again with tourists, trying to get a last glance at the imperial fortifications before nightfall. The horses know they will have some rest before another day of trotting along hard streets. Restaurants send the waiters outside to call costumers in. Other restaurants and bars already close, in order to prepare for the opening at sunset.

The pigeons take over the city, fully and finally.


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