Mlatese and their cars


The Mlatese like to sit in cars.
It is not really explainable why and how this phenomenon has developed, but by now it has become an ubiquitous phenomenon.
The younger ones park far away from other cars and put down the back seats to enjoy one another.
Some people sit in cars to listen to the radio or make phone calls.
Workers usually spend their lunch break in a car together.
Elderly people drive to the church and sit in the car to watch people pass by.
People of various ages drive to the coast to watch the sunset, however, not everybody in the car is so keen on the sunset, so it is not unusual to see a car parked at a wonderful place at the cliffs, where one person is watching the sunset and listening to the radio, another person (usually elderly women) reads a thick book and yet another person (always elderly women) is knitting.

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