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X-mas question

How did Mary ever manage it: from her Immaculate Conception on December 8th to give birth to Baby Jesus on December 24th?

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Tempels (2)

We had talked about temples and the archeological dilemma before … another interesting phenomenon concerning the prehistoric heritage of Mlata is, that some temples are included into the contemporaneous constructions – therefore, on Mlata we can observe a plethora of … Continue reading

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In the bus (2)

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blue sky … always amazing

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Christmas crawling up your window …

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Signs on Church Floors

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the end of summer

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Kiosk (3)

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People in Mlata

Suban is Indonesian. He works at the shipyard of Mlata, he works and sleeps and on Sunday, his day off, he goes to see his friend in a village situated at the other side of the island. In the bus … Continue reading

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Private street with dog

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The Mlatese Language – 1) Sentences you should learn before coming

– “Mlata is the most beautiful island of the world.”– “I am English.” (no matter if you are really English or any other Nationality, all foreigners are summed up in the term “English”; except those of darker skin color.)– “Yes, … Continue reading

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The archeological dilemma

Whenever you dig on Mlata, there are layers of history that will pop up. Planning a street, they will definitely destroy some Punic or Roman or whatever constructions. So usually they pretend having seen nothing, they put sand on it … Continue reading

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