People in Mlata

Suban is Indonesian. He works at the shipyard of Mlata, he works and sleeps and on Sunday, his day off, he goes to see his friend in a village situated at the other side of the island. In the bus on the way he looks around and tries to speak to tourists – those at least talk to him, whereas the Mlatese tend to ignore him. He feels homesick.

David is Diving Instructor. He gave up his life in Great Britain to come and life here – life for him is the feeling underwater, then he feels light-headed and light-bodied, almost like on drugs. The fish come up to his face and look at him with big mouths, waving their extremities and wandering what kind of species he might be. He smiles at the fish but they never smile back – or maybe they only smile in Mlatese and he does not understand.

Luigi is Musician. He is from Sicily and speaks hardly any English, let alone Mlatese. He sits in the main pedestrian street and plays classical guitar music. Mlatese do not give him a lot of coins, they are distracted by the music coming from the shops and the conversations on cell phones. Luigi plays against ignorance, he says, but he is already prepared to leave Mlata again to work for a fancy hotel in Nizza.




Fred works on construction sites. In his spare time, he likes to drive around the capital city in his old little car. He looks out of the window, looks at the women walking by. He drives only with one hand on the steering wheel since he uses the other one for masturbating as he drives along …

Slavio works for the Heritage site of Mlata – after having been guardian in the main palace, he is now guardian at a Temple site in the southern part of Mlata. He would have preferred to stay in the city, even though he is much more tanned now, working in the countrysie. But his colleagues get on his nerves, he cannot observe the women walking by on high heels and he does not like the barking dogs. He laughs when he talks about high heels – he says he hates women for putting them on, because they make him feel very small (he is very small indeed) but at the same time he finds them so sexy that he says they can keep them on.

Edward has a leather working shop in the capital city of Mlata. All day long, he dreams about making intricate costumes and accessories in leather and copper – sometimes he can do leather work for the film companies which come to shoot on the island, since the climate is perfect and everything looks as is if was Arabia or Egypt or North Africa or Southern Spain or Ancient Rome … he often looks at the images of the film sets and the decor he made. But most of his time he spends repairing leather belts for elderly men or fixing worn-out things for angry women.f05ad-atelier_leathershop_w

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