Tempels (2)

We had talked about temples and the archeological dilemma before … another interesting phenomenon concerning the prehistoric heritage of Mlata is, that some temples are included into the contemporaneous constructions – therefore, on Mlata we can observe a plethora of interesting combinations of old and new architecture: Some temple entrances are incorporated into soccer fields and are used as goals, some stone slabs of temple walls (not on soccer fields) are used as convenient target spots to shoot birds, again others just function for providing shadow during summer picknicks, and so forth … there is even a temple on a roundabout (temporarily displaced due to X-mas decoration).b4031-roundaboutchristmas

But without any doubt, one of the finest examples of combining old and new is the Dolmen Hotel of Mlata, where a neolithic temple is the main attraction in the inner yard of a 4-star-hotel. You can easily walk up to the receptionist and ask to see the neolithic temple, and they will tell you: “Yes, of course, just go down this corridor, turn right into the cafeteria, go into the court, pass the swimming pool and you will see it.”


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