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Ritual figurines before and after the year 0

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Saints (2)

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Medieval times in Mlata

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How women find a husband on Mlata

– ask your mother– ask your neighbors– ask your local priest– show a healthy dose of self-confidence, a glowing, friendly personality, and meticulous grooming (this is actually a hard task for some Mlatese women)– be perceived as the “delicate flower” … Continue reading

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Pastizzi (cheesecakes or peacakes) are ricotta or pea filled pastries which are the most popular and best known culinary export of Mlata. Pastizzi (singular: pastizz) are popular amongst Mlatese people, often referred to as the “fast food” of Malta because … Continue reading

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Endings of Mlatese fairy tales

– “A nice story, heard never before – and in your nose grows celery.” – “Now the story is over.” – “Such a nice smell spreads across the room, and all disappeared into nothing.” – “A nice smell is spreading … Continue reading

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Architecture at your doorstep

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Do the pigeons know more than we do?

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Mlatese proverbs

Agħmel il-ġid u nsih, agħmel id-deni u ftakar fih.(Do good things and forget them, do bad things and remember them.) Agħtini xortija u itfagħni l-baħar.(Give me the luck and throw me at sea.) April ħobżna fil-mindil. (In April our bread … Continue reading

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The main entrance to the capital city looks like this:

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Natural Treasures – FILFLA

FILFLA The small, uninhabited island of Fifla is basically a piece of Coralline Limestone forming very steep high cliffs. It is situated on the southern part of Mlata, a little islet, isolated from the main island. It is of such … Continue reading

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Not all palace hotels thrive on Mlata …

The four-star hotel JERMA PALACE HOTEL in Marsacala, the only big hotel in the south of Malta, was closed down in March 2007 and the building has since been stripped of everything. The ex-Corynthia Hotel used to be Malta’s most … Continue reading

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Ancient Salt Pans with Bird Hunters

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January is the Month of the Falling Rain

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Prehistoric sculptures

They say that once upon a time, when there was no difference yet between men and women, a special people lived on this island. They built temples for their gods and made sculptures that were as round as the the … Continue reading

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Men (2)

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The new year

A new year has begun – Theo is lying in the midst of an afterparty on the floor, while some people dance, some drink, some bitch about the music and some others again watch the others. Theo is lying on … Continue reading

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