Not all palace hotels thrive on Mlata …

a23b4-jermahotel1The four-star hotel JERMA PALACE HOTEL in Marsacala, the only big hotel in the south of Malta, was closed down in March 2007 and the building has since been stripped of everything.

The ex-Corynthia Hotel used to be Malta’s most prestigious hotel in the south. It closed down in 2007 after 25 years in operation, owned by Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company, which also owned the land, and operated by the Corinthia Group.

The hotel was built on a peninsula facing the raging Majjistral and Scirocco winds and the sea, the wind and nature reduced this once splendid hotel into a heap of ruins inhabited by a massive colony of rats, mice and other infected insects. Other areas have been burnt down.
Palm trees, yucca and bougainvillea plants still thrive despairingly in this once-desirable place. The empty pools echo the happy cries of children of ages gone by. 0bee9-jermahotel6

Stray cats roam the abandoned verandah in search of some shade from the relentless sun.   e37ea-jermahotel11 a5851-jermahotel3 98b09-jermahotel14 8daab-jermahotel13 f2b4d-jermahotel15

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