The new year

A new year has begun – Theo is lying in the midst of an afterparty on the floor, while some people dance, some drink, some bitch about the music and some others again watch the others. Theo is lying on his side, his palm serving as a pillow. In a short dream he sees himself running across an enormous green and grassy field. The blue sky is really blue, with only some puffy clouds showing faces and grimaces. His dog starts barking at these clouds and the cloud-faces come down on the grass to surrender Theo. A very big cloudwoman takes him in her arms and clings to his back, he feels her steamy breath on his neck as she says “I will always stick to you”, but there is all of a sudden something disgusting, like the snail-like trace of a too-wet-grandmother-kiss on your face… he starts wiping away the wet breath of the cloud-woman – and wakes up. Somebody just had spilled beer on him.

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