Pastizzi (cheesecakes or peacakes) are ricotta or pea filled pastries which are the most popular and best known culinary export of Mlata. Pastizzi (singular: pastizz) are popular amongst Mlatese people, often referred to as the “fast food” of Malta because they are always available and always inexpensive.
Such is the ubiquity of pastizzi at the heart of the Mlatese psyche, the term `pastizz` has multiple meanings in the Mlatese language. The term `pastizz` has sexual connotations, with its shape often humourously likened to the female sexual organ. `Pastizz` is also slang for “idiot” or “buffoon”. The term `pastizzi` also replaces `hotcakes` in the Maltese version of the English expression “Selling like hotcakes”.
They are baked by happy bakers in odd morning hours and sold all day long.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    its malta not mlata

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