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there was the big election day for or against divorce

“iva” is yes in mlatese, “le” means no.

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Shop Owners

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Jaw of a Giant Door Mouse

Mlata is thought to have been connected with Italy and Africa before and during the last Ice Age. Skeletons of Dwarf Elephants and Dwarf Rhinoceroses were found, strengthening this hypothesis. At the same time, pieces of skeletons by what seem … Continue reading

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Tale Nr. 68: The turtle and the birds

Once upon a time, there was a big famine and lack of water on the island of Mlata. The birds decided to leave and go to another country. The turtle – who had always been their friend – begged them … Continue reading

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Bars in Mlata

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What Mlatese believe …

The Mlatese believe that if you throw a stone into a fountain or into the sea, you will have to pick it up with your eyelids after your death.

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