Mlatese Dogs (1)

Mlatese Dogs (1)As an aristocrat of the canine world, this ancient breed has been known by a variety of names throughout the centuries including the Melitaie Dog, “Ye Ancient Dogge of Mlata”, the Roman Ladies’ Dog, the Comforter Dog, the Spaniel Gentle, the Bichon, the Shock Dog, the Mlatese Lion Dog and the Mlatese Terrier.

The Mlatese stands just 10 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs only seven pounds at his heaviest. His coat is long, straight, silky, white, and falls to the ground. Daily grooming is necessary. A shorter, pet clip may help reduce the amount of grooming necessary.

The Mlatese has soulful dark eyes that give him an endearing expression. An alert, animated little dog, the gentle-mannered Mlatese makes a good watchdog. He is also affectionate, friendly, and playful. Principally bred to be a companion, he fits well into the smallest accommodation.

He enjoys being petted and fussed over but he is a sturdy little dog who enjoys a good romp. Although he has a reputation for being good-natured, he may be intolerant of small children or other dogs. He can be protective of his owner and will bark or may bite if animals or people infringe on his territory or are perceived as a threat. The Mlatese is intelligent and easy to train but he can be strong-willed. Training should begin early. He requires minimal exercise but does enjoy getting outside for a walk.

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