At night all women are alike. … and other Proverbs about Sex and Love

Better (marry) an old but wise man than a young but foolish man.

A good cow gets sold in its own country.

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without fragrance.

Once you put on  the wedding ring you must submit to all that is necessary.

If the man lets a woman know what he has got in his saving box, she will marry him for his money.

Charm is stronger than beauty.

He who loves suffers.

Love is blind.

He who makes a fool of himself on account of a woman is well nigh ruined.

A woman who does not understand by a look of the eye won’t understand by a box of the fist.

He who follows his wife’s advice will never see the face of God.

A lovely girl attracts attention by her good looks, an ugly girl by the help of a mirror.

Marriage without love-making means sad consequences and sorrow.

At night all women are alike.

Far from the eye far from the heart.

Whatsoever a new bride touches is fragrant.

Don’t marry a good-looking bride for you’ll have to watch her.

Where the heart loves, there the legs walk.

Marry a man older than you and not a younger man, who will tire of you.

When the husband is a hen and the wife is a cock, the house is topsy-turvy.

A neck without a head, buttocks without a hole and a girl without shame are not worth admiring or marrying.

Marriage is a lick of honey and a barrel of bitter.

The wagtail hops and flaps its wings, but the male dove feeds and coos.

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