Birzebbuga double murder: AA B CD

News from a Mlatese Newspaper (Excerpts):
B from Valletta was giving evidence in the murder trial of C and D. C and D stand accused of the murder of A Senior and his son A Junior near Birzebbuga.

Taking the witness stand, B said he knew A Senior because he used to be a neighbour. He also used to work for D cleaning drinking glasses. More recently he used to run errands for him, paying people for him and picking up papers.

On July 17 D asked him to run some errands for him at around 9.45 am. They met and he drove near the gas plant close to Birzebbuga. They drove into a narrow lane and he waited in the car while D went to speak to someone.

Then, D asked him to pick up A Jr who was waiting outside his house.

He did so and they went to Birzebbuga. D phoned and directed him to drive to a field at Qajjenza. A Jr got out of the car and walked off with D.

B said that as he waited, he assisted two workers who could not get their cherry picker started. (!!!) Then he happened to look into a field and saw A Jr on the ground. D was hitting him and C was standing over him. It looked like they were fighting. B got scared and ran off. As he left he heard what sounded like two gun shots. B got home and such was his fear that he lost consciousness. When he recovered he went out to his car and suddenly D came up to him.

He asked him what had happened to A and D told him not to say anything to the police. He also told him they were “Both ready”. D later gave him a bag and asked him to throw it away. B did not know what was in it and disposed of it in a skip. C did not do anything.

D also wanted a change of clothes and B said he gave him some of his worn clothes. B also recalled that a few days before this incident Jason told him that there were drugs and money hidden in a field.

The case continues. What happened to A Sr?

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