Levitation of St. Paul, as seen today. © Gina Levante


For those who could not make it, or those who could not see it, here an account of what happened today:

Gina Levante arrived in time (2:58pm) at St. Paul’s Island to set up her material and take sufficient time to meditate. Over the past years, she has developed a technique, which enables her to levitate inanimate objects, even heavy ones. To do this, she uses a combination of scientific tools and intuitive force.

Picture 4Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 13.07.17

For the Malta-levitation-edition, Gina had decided to levitate St. Paul’s statue. For sure, St. Paul’s feast has already passed. But his heritage is very much alive: Acts recounts that on the way to Rome for his appeal as a Roman citizen to Caesar, Paul was shipwrecked on Bartolomeo_Montagna_-_Saint_Paul_-_Google_Art_Project“Melita” (Malta), where he was met by Publius and the islanders who showed him “unusual kindness”. Gina chose the little island that is known as “St Paul’s Island” and…

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