Findings in the Prehistoric Museum in the South

BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_034   I went to Birzebuggia in the South to visit the world famous museum of Ghar Dalam – the cave of darkness. BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_032

As I approached the cave, a sign warns me of harmless earth bees, which made me a bit weary. Nothing happened, though. I did not see a single bee, maybe they were all out doing business.

More interesting than the actual cave (which is nice and fresh in summer, though, better than airconditioning) are the exhibition rooms. Huge wooden display cabinets present the bone fragments that were found in the cave. These findings are displayed in such an aesthetic way it makes the visitors feel unorganized. BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_025BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_028 BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_021 BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_020

The second room looks more like the control station of a prehistoric science fiction movie. Nice painting add to the feeling of floating in space-time. It thus fits to think that Neandertal remains were found in Malta. This was proven wrong quickly after. However, the evidence, the evidence… talking about evidence: remains were found of a very small deer (deer, not dear) – the illustration rocks! and of a giant door mouse. No illustrations for larger dwarf elephant or door mouse, though.

After a visit to the Museum, we recommend a drink at the near-by bar.

BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_017BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_015   BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_011   BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_007 BirzebuggiaGharDalamMuseum_005 Birzebuggia_005

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