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Summer Impressions

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Not sure what these 2 pictures have in common, but it looks funny

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Enjoying a walk in the countryside amidst pleasant surroundings.


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Ghain Tuffieha and the Self-Appointed Parking Man

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Montenegro/ Zabbar: a must-go for the latest club wear and casual wear.

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Findings in the Prehistoric Museum in the South

   I went to Birzebuggia in the South to visit the world famous museum of Ghar Dalam – the cave of darkness.  As I approached the cave, a sign warns me of harmless earth bees, which made me a bit … Continue reading

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What one finds inside Maltese Houses (example)

and the best of all: a painting depicting “Holy Electricity”

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Business Opportunity: Kiosk

FOR SALE: Mobile Food Kiosk Ref: MCN1295963960 Mobile food Kiosk ready to operate(1.5 mtr x 3.0 mtr) Good condition and price I also accept car as part of exchange Name: Adalberto

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oh. the neighbour sings again.

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Levitation of St. Paul, as seen today. © Gina Levante

Originally posted on FRAGMENTA:
For those who could not make it, or those who could not see it, here an account of what happened today: Gina Levante arrived in time (2:58pm) at St. Paul’s Island to set up her material…

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Fierce Winds

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January Sky

It is the time of the year when the sky is dark and full of black clouds and fierce winds blow your hair into your teeth. Everything about the outside world is threatening. The God of Thunder seems to be … Continue reading

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Why do we love the aesthetics of old quarries and machinery?

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2 of the Many Things Saints have at their Feet

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The retired Inspector reports about a past murder – including Christian comparisons

(Excerpts from a Mlatese Newspaper): A retired police inspector this morning described to the court the scene of the murder six years ago of X, who was shot as he came out of church with his partner Y and her … Continue reading

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Birzebbuga double murder: AA B CD

News from a Mlatese Newspaper (Excerpts): B from Valletta was giving evidence in the murder trial of C and D. C and D stand accused of the murder of A Senior and his son A Junior near Birzebbuga. Taking the … Continue reading

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Only some cats

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Time for some Landscape Pictures


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Harbour Cruise

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Why church clocks indicate the wrong time.

Many of the Maltese churches have two clocks, showing different times. It is said that the one on the right shows the correct time for the religious locals, while the one on the left shows the wrong time to confuse … Continue reading

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Street Signs

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Cart Ruts

An Australian archaeologist has put forward her theory on the origin of the “Maltese Clapham Junction”, and it has nothing to do with the usual Atlantis theories. Claudia has suggested that the site may simply be a relic of stone … Continue reading

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Recap Festa Season

Festa Summer Season of this year is definitely over. Actually, winter is already on its way. Flipping through some summer memory shots makes me think about the many Village Feasts again. Time to sum up some of the main ingredients … Continue reading

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Taxi and Undertaker – why not, after all, it’s just a ride.

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Heaven*s Door

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Continuation: the fascination with the South of the Island

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In a village in the south, life evolves around the sea. In the north as well, but in the south it seems more spectacular

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The boss….

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