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Mlata and its boats

of course it’s full of cliches … but they are beautiful. and sometimes beauty is the most important thing in life.

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At night all women are alike. … and other Proverbs about Sex and Love

Better (marry) an old but wise man than a young but foolish man. A good cow gets sold in its own country. A kiss without a hug is like a flower without fragrance. Once you put on  the wedding ring … Continue reading

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The “Mlatese Dog” is one of the oldest breeds in the world.

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After the procession, business as usual

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More summer

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Again… festa nights


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Cliff section crashed into sea

 A witness said the rock that fell was about the size of a bendy bus and the sound it made was like that of a fireworks factory explosion. The island grew smaller by 0,2% of its size by this crash.

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In the Insectmuseum


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All Items served with Salad

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The Syrians gather at the southern part of Mlata and dance

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Leave the birds alone

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Saints of Mlata protect you wherever you go

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Moonstone Fragment

This fragment of the Moon’s surface was brought to Earth by the crew of Apollo 11 in1969. It was presented to the people of Mlata by Richard Nixon, President of the United States of America. The flag of Mlata accompanying … Continue reading

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Boat meets Island

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Festa Summer Nights – 2

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Inside and Outside the Burger Stand

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Festa Summer Nights


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Statue waiting for its Festa

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Lili Marleen

“Lili Marleen” is a German love song which became popular during World War II. Written in 1915 during World War I, the poem was published under the title “Das Lied eines jungen Soldaten auf der Wacht” (German for “The Song … Continue reading

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The smell of gunpowder lingers on as another feast in Mlata draws to an end. Until the next festa, next weekend in a village near you.

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Many people cut paper stars for weeks and then throw them all at once out of the window

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After the Festa, the statues converse about their experiences

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What to eat at Festas

Street-side stalls along the approaches of the church sell a motley assortment of cold, refreshing drinks, ice cream and food, including a sweet traditionally associated with the Maltese festa: the qubbajt. It is nougat, with sugar – lots of it, … Continue reading

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Summer = Festa Season

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Hamrun is also part of Mlata

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Mlatese Dogs (1)

As an aristocrat of the canine world, this ancient breed has been known by a variety of names throughout the centuries including the Melitaie Dog, “Ye Ancient Dogge of Mlata”, the Roman Ladies’ Dog, the Comforter Dog, the Spaniel Gentle, … Continue reading

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Marsaxlokk is a romantic fishing village in the South

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