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Leave the birds alone

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Tale Nr. 68: The turtle and the birds

Once upon a time, there was a big famine and lack of water on the island of Mlata. The birds decided to leave and go to another country. The turtle – who had always been their friend – begged them … Continue reading

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Do the pigeons know more than we do?

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Natural Treasures – FILFLA

FILFLA The small, uninhabited island of Fifla is basically a piece of Coralline Limestone forming very steep high cliffs. It is situated on the southern part of Mlata, a little islet, isolated from the main island. It is of such … Continue reading

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Ancient Salt Pans with Bird Hunters

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Things in museums

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Ghasfur tal-bejt (National Bird)

The Spanish Sparrow (Ghasfur tal-bejt) is strongly gregarious, flocking and breeding in groups. In the winter, it mostly wanders nomadically or makes regular migrations. Like other sparrows, it feeds principally on the seeds of grains and other grasses, also eating … Continue reading

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Mlatese creatures from mythology

In Mlatese mythology the Kaw Kaw (also gaw-gaw) is a ‘slimy greyish bogey man’ who strolls the streets at night. He is able to smell a person’s guilt and is capable of entering their homes by extending and contracting his … Continue reading

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Antonio is working for a hotel in the touristic part of the island. He is responsible for the pool and the chairs for sunbathing. He is observing the people lying on their back, he is observing the people lying on … Continue reading

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The archeologists

When the archeologists came into the country, they said: this is a landscape for a beginning and an ending. The archeologists came onto the island to find huge freestanding stones. They found underground burial chambers. They said there are temples … Continue reading

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