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Findings in the Prehistoric Museum in the South

   I went to Birzebuggia in the South to visit the world famous museum of Ghar Dalam – the cave of darkness.  As I approached the cave, a sign warns me of harmless earth bees, which made me a bit … Continue reading

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What one finds inside Maltese Houses (example)

and the best of all: a painting depicting “Holy Electricity”

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Cart Ruts

An Australian archaeologist has put forward her theory on the origin of the “Maltese Clapham Junction”, and it has nothing to do with the usual Atlantis theories. Claudia has suggested that the site may simply be a relic of stone … Continue reading

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Moonstone Fragment

This fragment of the Moon’s surface was brought to Earth by the crew of Apollo 11 in1969. It was presented to the people of Mlata by Richard Nixon, President of the United States of America. The flag of Mlata accompanying … Continue reading

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Strange find at the Archeological Museum

The inscription reads: “Stone representation of what looks like a fish on a couch” No better interpretation available. But maybe that’s even the best description of life anyways? just imagine: A: “how do you feel today?” B: “oh, thanks, all … Continue reading

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Medieval times in Mlata

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