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What one finds inside Maltese Houses (example)

and the best of all: a painting depicting “Holy Electricity”

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The retired Inspector reports about a past murder – including Christian comparisons

(Excerpts from a Mlatese Newspaper): A retired police inspector this morning described to the court the scene of the murder six years ago of X, who was shot as he came out of church with his partner Y and her … Continue reading

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Birzebbuga double murder: AA B CD

News from a Mlatese Newspaper (Excerpts): B from Valletta was giving evidence in the murder trial of C and D. C and D stand accused of the murder of A Senior and his son A Junior near Birzebbuga. Taking the … Continue reading

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Recap Festa Season

Festa Summer Season of this year is definitely over. Actually, winter is already on its way. Flipping through some summer memory shots makes me think about the many Village Feasts again. Time to sum up some of the main ingredients … Continue reading

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The boss….

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More summer

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Again… festa nights


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Bars in Mlata

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How women find a husband on Mlata

– ask your mother– ask your neighbors– ask your local priest– show a healthy dose of self-confidence, a glowing, friendly personality, and meticulous grooming (this is actually a hard task for some Mlatese women)– be perceived as the “delicate flower” … Continue reading

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Pastizzi (cheesecakes or peacakes) are ricotta or pea filled pastries which are the most popular and best known culinary export of Mlata. Pastizzi (singular: pastizz) are popular amongst Mlatese people, often referred to as the “fast food” of Malta because … Continue reading

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Ancient Salt Pans with Bird Hunters

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Men (2)

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The new year

A new year has begun – Theo is lying in the midst of an afterparty on the floor, while some people dance, some drink, some bitch about the music and some others again watch the others. Theo is lying on … Continue reading

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People in Mlata

Suban is Indonesian. He works at the shipyard of Mlata, he works and sleeps and on Sunday, his day off, he goes to see his friend in a village situated at the other side of the island. In the bus … Continue reading

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Mlatese and their cars

The Mlatese like to sit in cars. It is not really explainable why and how this phenomenon has developed, but by now it has become an ubiquitous phenomenon. The younger ones park far away from other cars and put down … Continue reading

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In the snookerclub

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Ghasfur tal-bejt (National Bird)

The Spanish Sparrow (Ghasfur tal-bejt) is strongly gregarious, flocking and breeding in groups. In the winter, it mostly wanders nomadically or makes regular migrations. Like other sparrows, it feeds principally on the seeds of grains and other grasses, also eating … Continue reading

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Super-short history of Mlata

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In the bus (1)

The woman next to me smells like watermelon and looks like one, too.

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Antonio is working for a hotel in the touristic part of the island. He is responsible for the pool and the chairs for sunbathing. He is observing the people lying on their back, he is observing the people lying on … Continue reading

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The archeologists

When the archeologists came into the country, they said: this is a landscape for a beginning and an ending. The archeologists came onto the island to find huge freestanding stones. They found underground burial chambers. They said there are temples … Continue reading

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