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Cart Ruts

An Australian archaeologist has put forward her theory on the origin of the “Maltese Clapham Junction”, and it has nothing to do with the usual Atlantis theories. Claudia has suggested that the site may simply be a relic of stone … Continue reading

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Jaw of a Giant Door Mouse

Mlata is thought to have been connected with Italy and Africa before and during the last Ice Age. Skeletons of Dwarf Elephants and Dwarf Rhinoceroses were found, strengthening this hypothesis. At the same time, pieces of skeletons by what seem … Continue reading

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mistake …

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Ritual figurines before and after the year 0

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Prehistoric sculptures

They say that once upon a time, when there was no difference yet between men and women, a special people lived on this island. They built temples for their gods and made sculptures that were as round as the the … Continue reading

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Tempels (2)

We had talked about temples and the archeological dilemma before … another interesting phenomenon concerning the prehistoric heritage of Mlata is, that some temples are included into the contemporaneous constructions – therefore, on Mlata we can observe a plethora of … Continue reading

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