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The archeological dilemma

Whenever you dig on Mlata, there are layers of history that will pop up. Planning a street, they will definitely destroy some Punic or Roman or whatever constructions. So usually they pretend having seen nothing, they put sand on it … Continue reading

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Mlata has the oldest free-standing megalithic buildings in the world: Temples, constructed about 6000 years ago by a culture without weapons and warfare and used well over 1200 years. These structures are of a beautiful symmetry, with walls of regular … Continue reading

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Things in museums

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Super-short history of Mlata

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Prehistoric Signs of Affection

Small clay statuette, representing an embracing couple. Amazing. Embracing couples … amazing…

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The archeologists

When the archeologists came into the country, they said: this is a landscape for a beginning and an ending. The archeologists came onto the island to find huge freestanding stones. They found underground burial chambers. They said there are temples … Continue reading

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Overview of Mlatese History

The island of Mlata has been inhabited since around 5200 BC and a significant pre-historic civilization existed on the islands. After their mysterious disappearance, a plethora of civilizations and people passed through the island and left their traces in the … Continue reading

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