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Tale Nr. 68: The turtle and the birds

Once upon a time, there was a big famine and lack of water on the island of Mlata. The birds decided to leave and go to another country. The turtle – who had always been their friend – begged them … Continue reading

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Endings of Mlatese fairy tales

– “A nice story, heard never before – and in your nose grows celery.” – “Now the story is over.” – “Such a nice smell spreads across the room, and all disappeared into nothing.” – “A nice smell is spreading … Continue reading

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Title of Folktale: "You are born poor and you will die poor"

is that a moral, or a warning? is that really a good bedtime story for Mlatese children? maybe that explains some things …

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Prehistoric Signs of Affection

Small clay statuette, representing an embracing couple. Amazing. Embracing couples … amazing…

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Mlatese creatures from mythology

In Mlatese mythology the Kaw Kaw (also gaw-gaw) is a ‘slimy greyish bogey man’ who strolls the streets at night. He is able to smell a person’s guilt and is capable of entering their homes by extending and contracting his … Continue reading

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By the Mlatese, November is known as ix-xahar tal-inżigħ tal-weraq, tal-erwieħ, u tal-imwiet (the month of fallen leaves, of souls, and of deads).

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