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Tale Nr. 68: The turtle and the birds

Once upon a time, there was a big famine and lack of water on the island of Mlata. The birds decided to leave and go to another country. The turtle – who had always been their friend – begged them … Continue reading

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What Mlatese believe …

The Mlatese believe that if you throw a stone into a fountain or into the sea, you will have to pick it up with your eyelids after your death.

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mistake …

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How women find a husband on Mlata

– ask your mother– ask your neighbors– ask your local priest– show a healthy dose of self-confidence, a glowing, friendly personality, and meticulous grooming (this is actually a hard task for some Mlatese women)– be perceived as the “delicate flower” … Continue reading

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Endings of Mlatese fairy tales

– “A nice story, heard never before – and in your nose grows celery.” – “Now the story is over.” – “Such a nice smell spreads across the room, and all disappeared into nothing.” – “A nice smell is spreading … Continue reading

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Mlatese proverbs

Agħmel il-ġid u nsih, agħmel id-deni u ftakar fih.(Do good things and forget them, do bad things and remember them.) Agħtini xortija u itfagħni l-baħar.(Give me the luck and throw me at sea.) April ħobżna fil-mindil. (In April our bread … Continue reading

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X-mas question

How did Mary ever manage it: from her Immaculate Conception on December 8th to give birth to Baby Jesus on December 24th?

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The Mlatese Language – 1) Sentences you should learn before coming

– “Mlata is the most beautiful island of the world.”– “I am English.” (no matter if you are really English or any other Nationality, all foreigners are summed up in the term “English”; except those of darker skin color.)– “Yes, … Continue reading

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Title of Folktale: "You are born poor and you will die poor"

is that a moral, or a warning? is that really a good bedtime story for Mlatese children? maybe that explains some things …

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Mlatese creatures from mythology

In Mlatese mythology the Kaw Kaw (also gaw-gaw) is a ‘slimy greyish bogey man’ who strolls the streets at night. He is able to smell a person’s guilt and is capable of entering their homes by extending and contracting his … Continue reading

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Antonio is working for a hotel in the touristic part of the island. He is responsible for the pool and the chairs for sunbathing. He is observing the people lying on their back, he is observing the people lying on … Continue reading

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The archeologists

When the archeologists came into the country, they said: this is a landscape for a beginning and an ending. The archeologists came onto the island to find huge freestanding stones. They found underground burial chambers. They said there are temples … Continue reading

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