2 of the Many Things Saints have at their Feet

HolyFeet Satan

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The retired Inspector reports about a past murder – including Christian comparisons

(Excerpts from a Mlatese Newspaper):

A retired police inspector this morning described to the court the scene of the murder six years ago of X, who was shot as he came out of church with his partner Y and her two children.

The Inspector said that when he went on the scene of the crime he saw X on the ground with an impressive wound in his buttocks – “there was a gaping hole, his trousers were torn and blood was streaming out of him and onto the road. “I was impressed by the wound… I get goose bumps just remembering the scene,” he said.

The inspector told the court that on the day, X “looked like Our Lady of Sorrows”.

ImageHer young daughter was lying on a blanket and was surrounded by people while her son looked more composed.

Y told him that her former husband had shot X and then told her it was her fault, the retired inspector said. Is this a clear case of jealousy?

The case continues.


Police Constables K and L recounted in court today how they had found X a few hours after the fatal shooting took place. While on patrol, they were informed that there had been a murder and that the suspect may be in the area. When they arrived near the parish church they saw a man who fit the description given to them. One of the constables got out of the police car and asked the man to identify himself.

The man said his name was Mar bil fjuri (he went with flowers). (…) He was then arrested.

This same man explained at court today that he had told them his name was Mar bil frott (he went with fruit) because he was giving them a clue to his name – Martin – which when broken down into syllables Mar-tin and translated into Maltese meant “he went” and “figs”, which was a fruit. 2091014-031But did he not say his name was “he went with flowers” and not “he went with fruit/ regardless of the fruit?/”

The case continues.

– almost correct copy from newspaper

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Birzebbuga double murder: AA B CD

News from a Mlatese Newspaper (Excerpts):
B from Valletta was giving evidence in the murder trial of C and D. C and D stand accused of the murder of A Senior and his son A Junior near Birzebbuga.

Taking the witness stand, B said he knew A Senior because he used to be a neighbour. He also used to work for D cleaning drinking glasses. More recently he used to run errands for him, paying people for him and picking up papers.

On July 17 D asked him to run some errands for him at around 9.45 am. They met and he drove near the gas plant close to Birzebbuga. They drove into a narrow lane and he waited in the car while D went to speak to someone.

Then, D asked him to pick up A Jr who was waiting outside his house.

He did so and they went to Birzebbuga. D phoned and directed him to drive to a field at Qajjenza. A Jr got out of the car and walked off with D.

B said that as he waited, he assisted two workers who could not get their cherry picker started. (!!!) Then he happened to look into a field and saw A Jr on the ground. D was hitting him and C was standing over him. It looked like they were fighting. B got scared and ran off. As he left he heard what sounded like two gun shots. B got home and such was his fear that he lost consciousness. When he recovered he went out to his car and suddenly D came up to him.

He asked him what had happened to A and D told him not to say anything to the police. He also told him they were “Both ready”. D later gave him a bag and asked him to throw it away. B did not know what was in it and disposed of it in a skip. C did not do anything.

D also wanted a change of clothes and B said he gave him some of his worn clothes. B also recalled that a few days before this incident Jason told him that there were drugs and money hidden in a field.

The case continues. What happened to A Sr?

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Only some cats

catonterrasseblackcat catsanddogsThe cat-goddess Bastet found amongst ruins in Alexandria, Egypt

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Time for some Landscape Pictures

LandscapeMarsascale  LandscapeHay    OldPainting

LandscapeStony Landscapetrees LandscapeStray LandscapeStonewalls

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Harbour Cruise

Hafenrundfahrt_08Hafenrundfahrt_01 Hafenrundfahrt_09 Hafenrundfahrt_10 Hafenrundfahrt_12 Hafenrundfahrt_14 Hafenrundfahrt_16 Hafenrundfahrt_18

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Why church clocks indicate the wrong time.

Many of the Maltese churches have two clocks, showing different times. It is said that the one on the right shows the correct time for the religious locals, while the one on the left shows the wrong time to confuse Satan from disturbing the mass.churchclocks

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